Marriage is God-ordained covenant to all His children who choose to get married and Family is the very basic building block of a nation.

I am married for 18 years to the same man and my marriage (like any other marriage) went through sunshine and storms as well. When I was in my 7th year of marriage, I found myself in my darkest time when I discovered that my husband was having an affair with his ex-colleague (whom I knew too). As usual, I went through a whole streams of emotional roller coaster from disappointment, jealousy, anger, self denial etc. It was indeed very painful beyond words. I was totally lost and didn’t know whom I can turn too. However, I knew deep within me that I had to fight FOR my marriage simply for the sake of my children.

And it was this period that I discovered God in His most beautiful, gracious and compassionate way. With and through God, I took the stand to fight for my marriage. And though God, I met a beautiful couple, Ps Chandran and his wife, Jennifer who had counselled me and prayed for me. Through their God given wisdom, I began to see through and beyond the difficulties of my marriage and relationship with my husband. Their prayers meant a lot to me. Along with them, I took hold of God’s promises and guidance and I began to see the very cause of the breakdown of my marriage. The first fight was the fight within me. God told me that I had to overcome myself and change myself first before anything good can happen to me and my family. It was the toughest fight of all. There were buckets of tears collected as well as bending my pride. God directed me to fight step by step and it took me 4 years to claim back my marriage and family.

Today, both my husband and myself go to church regularly. Both of us pray for one another often time. Looking back then on my battle for my marriage, I would think that it was impossible to see such change in my husband but God made it all possible.

Because of my experience with God in such a beautiful manner, I believe with all my heart that ALL things is POSSIBLE with God. We all just need to trust and obey and He will surely bring calmness to every storms we face.

Praise to God Almighty!

God bless,
June (Singapore)

The toughest fight of all!
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