To whom it may concern,

I write this supporting note for the benefit Pastor Chandran, whom I had the opportunity of meeting, and being counseled by.

Pastor Chandran is an amazing individual who generously gives his time to help couples find themselves without expecting return. He is patient, and offers honest and unbiased advice to those who seek his guidance. He is dedicated and makes the effort to compile notes of his sessions to better understand each couple, and gives couples advice “as-is”, tailored for each couple.

I am grateful that Pastor Chandran has taken his time and effort to counsel us, in spite of the fact that we are not members of his clergy nor, at this juncture, are ready to embrace Christianity. I hope he will continue his good work and may he be rewarded in many ways in return.

Yours faithfully,

(September 2014)

Tailored for each couple (not Christian yet)
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