Here in CO.IN.LUV, we provide all service to help you to…


COrrelate, COrrespond, COhabite, COnnect, COnstruct, COmpose, COmpatible, COnsonant, COordinate, COngruous, COmfort, COnfident


Our counseling is available as a couple and separately as individuals. We work with you to determine the counseling program that will benefit you most. Our service include but not limited to…

The Preparation 

  1. Pre-marital Counseling
  2. Romantic Partner Relationship Couching
  3. Interracial & cross-cultural relationships
  4. Interfaith relationships

In Relationship

  1. Marital Counseling
  2. Lack of time and attention in dual career couples
  3. Sex therapy / problems with intimacy
  4. Parent-child counseling
  5. The Role of Man/ Women

Post Relationship

  1. Break-up
  2. Affair
  3. Divorce
  4. Widowhood
  5. Abuse
  6. Past Trauma


  1. Wedding Ceremony
  2. Renewal of vows
  3. Anniversary Blessing Ceremony

No matter what state of relationship you are in or wanted to do, just drop our counselor an email with your special request. The email will be directed to Pastor Chandran Gopalan personal email, hence your privacy is protected. He will attend to you personally within 3-4 working days. Please provide the basic information as below.

  • Name
  • Personal Email
  • Contact Number (Mobile)
  • Your “Special Request”

Send your request now!


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