Right from the outset, Ps Chandran’s easy-going personality, warmth and big smile is what draws people to want to open up and engage with him – like catching up with a familiar old friend you have not seen in a long while. It is not easy to sign oneself up for counselling or review and guidance of any sort – often our pride is what prevents us from seeking help when we ought to, and most likely we only do so when things have really broken down. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure – and it helps a lot to have a friend like Ps Chandran who puts one at ease and makes you feel that such sessions are not to find fault or lay blame, but that he genuinely wants to help you come to terms and better understanding of things, that with God in our lives and His teachings, there is no judgement and that the love is always there – we only have to realise that we want to reach out for this boon.

Ps Chandran’s company throughout all our sessions made it so that we did not feel it to be a chore to attend, but rather we began to look forward to our meetings – and often we get carried away in our sharing and discussions that we run into overtime. Such is Ps Chandran the gentle man, he gives us the space to explore and come to our realisation, his guiding hand is a gentle presence that does not impose. Above all, such is his generosity that he sacrifices much of his personal time, that we have all the time we need. It humbles us to the true meaning of selflessness and being a servant of the Lord.

I highly recommend Ps Chandran’s counselling sessions. My wife-to-be and I went with an open mind but we came to realise that we were able to surface so much to consider before making one of those important journey in our lives together. This was only possible in an environment of love and mutual respect. We came to better realise how much closer we could come to each other and how we fit in God’s kingdom. We got to know the importance of true love supported by the practicality that comes with understanding one another, having spoken many of that which often goes unspoken between couples and overcoming our personal prejudices and concerns – whether we consciously realised it or not!

Like people readying themselves for a sports event or running a marathon – marriage is a long distance journey – you can only do so safely, healthily and enjoy more of the endeavour by raising your fitness levels to endure the trials and challenges along the way.. through preparation and training. For that you will need a personal trainer, a coach, a guide to hold your hand and help steer you along the way…a counsellor. No man is an island, but God is the rock upon which our lives are built. My wife and I are so blessed for good friends like Ps Chandran who have coached and guided us in our training for the rest of our lives.

KinMeng Chan & Lavinia Lim

Not easy to sign up for counseling
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