Pastor Chandran always sincere, caring, and he always listen. Instead of telling us what is right and wrong, Pastor Chandran draw wisdom and advise us with bible verses which reminded us of our marriage covenant with God, the woe we had for one another, and biblical principle of marriage.

It took us 11 years to finally tie the knot but marriage required so much more than we could ever imagine. Pastor Chandran shared his personal testimonies, helping us to understand our role as husband and wife, and the important of love languages to show love for one another, and our children. The counseling enable us to realize where has gone wrong and what we can do to improve our marriage relationship. We also learn to communicate often and learning how to set our expectation right.

Most importantly, we learned the power of praying for one another, and together as couple.

We sincerely appreciate Pastor Chandran for all his care and time, and aunty Jennifer warm affirming hugs.

Jeffrey Patrick & Rachel Lim
(7 years of marriage)

Praying as couple
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