Parenting is a difficult role and we all need to achieve this important task. Much of our ideals on parenting comes from a need not to emulate unpleasant experiences. This stems from the negative parenting and cultural influence which has impacted our personal judgement. This video based program from Alpha takes into account challenges the two different age groups encounter and equips parents with practical guidelines to nurture their children.

Like marriage, we need to be coached as we all know in part and therefore require the others who have gone before us or our peers to journey this course together with us. Children of different age groups need different nurturing and we don’t need to have perfect home before we help each other, as we will not be able to find perfection this side of heaven. We remain stewards of His gift of our child which He gave to us and thus the responsibility that goes with the territory. Each child is unique and needs to be dealt with in a special manner. These programs take into account the challenges each age group face and we well know these challenges, bring up our own daughter in varied settings and expressions. We only know till the point where we are at, as our child remains ours, till the wedding day…..

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