Here is a testimony of a couple who married early!

“Here are a few points for the decision to marry early and how we adjusted to life together.

Decision to marrying early:

While it is hard to put an age or time to what constitute as marrying early, we feel that our relationship has matured to a point that marriage will help to develop our relationship deeper.

1) The lead time before the kids come.

We are privileged to have a few years to ourselves before the urgency for having kids kicks in. The lead time allows us to time grow in different areas. Growing in terms of knowing each other more (e.g., habits), developing responsibilities (e.g., man and woman responsibility, household responsibilities), and collectively develop our own family culture/practice before the baby ‘dictates’ how we run our household.
Adjusting to life together:

1) Career
Contrary to what society perceive that marrying early may derail one from his/her career pursuit, we feel that marrying early helps. We get to share and brainstorm daily about our work. This helps us to keep ourselves in check. For example, is our attitude to our colleagues christ-like? Is our superior over demanding of us or is it we are not putting in enough work?

We are not referring to the level of communication during courtship but in ways only achievable in a marriage. For example, if Melissa hears a loud sigh from John while he is washing the dishes, or if John hears Melissa tossing on the bed during the night. For cases like these, we often remind each other of God’s promises and faithfulness.

These are the level communication that is not achievable during courtship.

2) Finances
One important issue for most couples is in the area of finance. Melissa and I pool our income together each month. Regardless of how much each other contribute to the pool, we both take out an equal amount of money for our own personal expenditure. The rests of the pool is used to build our ‘home’ (including savings).

By pooling our income to build our home and taking out a similar amount, it reminds us of what ‘one body’ means in a marriage.”

Age is not the limiting factor when your have mentors to guide you along.

One more….now on early marriage!

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