Pr. Chandran has been calm and very patient with us throughout our courtship.

It started when we have issues and Pr. Chandran has journey with Henry then with both of us. He never give up sowing Godly principals in both our journey. Even when we tell him our conflicts and problems, he is so patient to listen. Then, he will mediate so that we see from each other’s point of view then channel both us to see from God’s point of view through His word when we do book study together.

From 6 weeks of one book, we have journeyed through another book to another book by Kay Arthur (have finished 3rd book) because he wants us to know the Father’s heart. We also know that he don’t have to journey with us if he doesn’t want to but we know he love God and God love us. His time for us is our treasure. He want us to build our relationship first with our Father in Heaven. We are thankful that we have PrChandran to journey with us. God bless you.

Julia & Henry (2yrs 2mths courting)

His time for us is our treasure
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