Devotional passage for Connect on Gen 9 & 10

From a lush earth of greenery we now see new plants starting to spring forth on a flood cleansed earth. Man is now allowed the consumption of the flesh of their caged animals in the ark, moving them from the herbivorous regime He had commanded them to live by, in Gen 1:29 to this newly granted carnivorous palate. But His warning is, life is in the blood (Gen 9:4) so only cooked food without  traces of blood was allowed and nothing bloody was to be consumed.
As we discern this scarlet thread of redemption we see His covenant now renewed and accompanied by a rainbow in the cloud as a visual token and for perpetual generations (that refers to us now), who believe, including every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.
Following this flow, we see the sin by Ham, the new unrighteous line, which is better understood as we cross reference this context to Lev 18:8 which states, the nakedness of your father’s wife you will not uncover. It is your father’s nakedness”. The sins of Ham is now upon his generation and his act of dishonoring invoked this curse. The Godhead had to convene to scatter the people of the then earth to establish the current nations and people groups as they are known now, was the resulting consequence.
Heavenly Father, we pray Your perpetual covenant which includes Your command that life is in the blood to us believers, we will continuously observe this in our lives as honoring our vertical relationship towards You. And the honoring of all authority structures over us and not shaming them but working as agents of reconciliation. Let this be our portion all the days of our lives so that all horizontal relationships are well with us too. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for all you are doing in us, as we meditate on Your Word, in His name. Amencouple_journeyinbadtime

Covenant and covering devotional
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