Completing love
Completing love

The first thought of the Creator was His purpose for His unimaginable design of creation. It culminated with one couple! They are His completing love.

It is stated in the Good Book that in His image and His likeness they were individually crafted with a male first and from this one He fashioned the female. That means they had His physical resemblance with His love, His feelings and His emotions.

Wow! Let’s step back and visualize this. Each human who claim faith in Him belong to His family as a child because all allegiance demands a Head.

CoInLuv is themed on this completing love.

The picture above is Jennifer Eleanor Richard, my completing love and I am constantly reminded to continue to see her in His image and likeness. Failing to do this means I will treat her with disdain which was not part of His original plan.

I have to admit it was not the case with both of us in our early relationship which started in 1979. We courted for 7 years and are now married for 28 years! We have improved tremendously over the year but still contend with a rare flare up even now.

In concluding my first post on COmpleting, I can assure you of many more “CO” posting in future post. My prayer is a blog a week but let’s trust Him for wisdom for many more!

Talk to you soon…

Completing love
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