He is passionate to coach individuals, families and communities to understand their respective roles and how they fit together as spouse and in the larger “family”. This, he hopes, will help to leave a legacy for the next generation to emulate and reproduce after the same kind for God’s glory.

Chandran Gopalan has covered almost every rung of the career ladder starting as a clerk/teller in a local Bank and peaking as a Sales Director in a MNC, focusing on customer- facing roles. This role’s geographical span covered the local markets, East Malaysia and even to many Asia Pacific destinations. His job responsibilities involved sales, account management, business development, channel management and senior management in the following sectors: Banking, Call Centers and Education.

Upon the invitation of the Senior Pastor of SIBKL, he switched from the marketplace to serve in church. In this new role, he was responsible for the areas of Hospitality, Missions and Family Ministries. Sharing life with people from all walks of life is where he feels his gifting lies. This year, after 8 years as a pastor he is transitioning back to the marketplace to share the divine principles gleaned over this period to those who need it there.


He is married to his first and only girlfriend, Jennifer Eleanor Richard, whom he courted for 7 years. They have been married for 28 years and have a 26-year old daughter. She is a fashion entrepreneur, freelance model/writer and event coordinator amongst other enterprising ventures.

The Philosophy

Leaving behind a legacy, is what I hope these final years of my life be focused on.  This will require the calling and giftings, that which are bestowed upon me for the equipping of the people groups of the nations, be fully employable to this end.. My proven and tested coaching style as described in the many testimonies, remains my delivery methodology in assisting singles, dating couples and married couples to continue to enrich their relationship with family and spouse. The end game remains the same, the avoidance of the pitfalls I endured and to faithfully endeavour to  live out divine principles for the betterment of each individual’s life which I believe would eventually lead us to establish strong nations under His rule.

From Pastor Chandran Gopalan

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