This is the testimony of a couple who was ‘mentored’ from the start of their relationship to the time they got married. Lets hear what Sue Lee had to say about our time together!

Sue Lee writes:
“For me, I wanted to be sure of the right one before really going steady. I always hoped that I would date just one person and be married to him. I suppose how that came about was through books I read and also through hearing stories from friends who either dated many times or non at all. Being surrounded by a godly community helped. Over the years as i grew older and nearing my thirties, I tried to not let society tell me that I should be worried I was still single.

Of course having the churches organise rocking singles was the platform for us to meet

I thank God for pastors who cared enough for the young people to have such events for us. I think these events should continue. Having the pastors at the event giving their full support definitely helped to lend courage and encouragement to the men! I know pastor you encouraged Jon to pursue, or at least pointed him in the right direction of what to do next. Thank you! We are glad too you advised us to do pup even though we had just started dating for a week then! We learned a lot and it laid a good foundation for us. Having compulsory pmc also helped to ensure we as a couple did not rush into a decision of getting married.

I revised my check list a little and let go of some of the non- essentials that were there as a nice to have. Jon never had a check list.

I think one thing great about Jon was that he was very intentional in pursuing and in our dates. He mentioned pretty early on that he was seeking a serious relationship and wanted to see it we were good together. That Assured me of his intentions as I did not want any casual dates. for us, we did not play any games and did not Tarik harga. We weren’t afraid of making our feelings obvious to each other. I personally don’t believe in Tarik harga and think being honest is the best way to go wen dating. If I did not respond to his advances, he would not have been encouraged to move forward I think!”

This is a beautiful story as the couple await their first child to be born!

A wonderful testimony of a matching “help meet”

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